Stock Saddle Size Guide


How to Measure a Saddle?

At Horse Lines, we understand that investing in a saddle requires consideration of several factors. Selecting the correct size saddle for you and your horse is on of the most important factors. If you are wondering ‘how to measure a saddle,’ we are here to assist you. We want to simplify the process, and our saddle size calculator offers accurate results. All you need to do provide us with both your horse measurements and your own measurements and we can calculate the size that will fit best for you and your horse.

We also have a saddle size chart and additional resources to make the task of calculating and buying the right saddle easier. We believe that the right saddle size can make a significant difference to your riding experience. The perfect saddle size ensures that the horse can perform its best while you enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. Contact us to use our saddle size calculator to learn how to measure a saddle.

Saddle Size Chart

The saddle chart that we bring you is the most comprehensive resource available to determine saddle sizes. We are a leading store and have saddles a wide range of saddles to suit all riding disciplines. Our saddle size chart includes measurements for all different saddle types so that you find the right one. In case you are unsure, our experts will be happy to assist you.

Australian Saddle Size Chart

If you are looking for an Australian saddle size chart, you have come to the right place. Our saddle size chart is easy-to-understand and offers the perfect way for you to determine the saddle that best suits your horse and riding style. We understand that if the saddle does not fit perfectly, the ride will be uncomfortable for you and your horse. Our Australian saddle size chart offers a good basis and will help you find the saddle that is neither too small nor large for you.

How to Measure a Stock Saddle

Wondering how to measure a stock saddle?

At Horse Lines, we understand the importance of measuring a stock saddle correctly to get the right fit. Outlined below are a few steps:

  • Place the saddle on a level surface
  • Measure the seat length
  • Measure the width of the gullet
  • Find out the length of the panel that is from the saddle tree to the back edge of the panel
  • Measure the saddle flaps

At Horse Lines we have a range of customisable saddles that ensure the correct fit for both horse and rider. Please contact us to learn the correct way to measure a stock saddle and ensure you get the perfect fit.

What Size Stock Saddle Do I Need?

If you want to find the size of the stock saddle that will best work for you, consider the following factors.

  • The height of the rider
  • The weight of the rider
  • Hip to knee length
  • The preferred riding style
  • The preferred stirrup length
  • The knee and thigh support required
  • The horse’s height
  • The horse’s back length
  • The horse gullet size

Please contact us to discuss the exact measurements required to find the perfect size stock saddle for you.

How to Measure Saddle Size for A Rider?

When determining the saddle size for a rider, you need to be well-versed in the different parts of the saddle. A saddle seat has various components like the seat, horn, gullet, stirrup/fender and more. Moreover, there are different types of saddles, and each has a measurement method. Confusing

As a rough guide to the Australia stock saddle size measured correctly inside seat.

  • A person between 150 - 160 cm and under 55 kilos will take usually a 13-inch or what we call a small size.
  • The typical Australian rider is between 160 cm to 180 cm and under 85 kilos and will take a medium size.
  • A rider taller than 185cm or greater than 90 kilos will take the 15-inch or large size.

Please be aware that this is a rough guide and saddles with different designs feature such as a Cheyenne roll will fit differently to those without.

At Horse Lines we believe every horse and rider deserves a correctly fitting saddle. This is why a stock a range of changeable gullet saddles that allow us to custom assemble a saddle based on your own personal requirements without the wait time or price tag of a custom saddle.

If you need assistance with ‘how to measure saddle size for rider,’ or would like to discuss our customisable saddles, please contact us today.

Explore the Saddle Sizes at Horse Lines

Our online store has saddles to suit every riding discipline and preference. If you want to find the right saddle size, check out the broad collection that we have here. We have saddles and accessories under the following categories.

  • Fender Saddle
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  • Saddle Pads

Saddle Size Calculator

At Horse Lines, we have an accurate saddle size calculator for all types of saddles. Our calculator ensures optimal saddle selection to get the perfect balance both for the rider and the horse. If you are in the process of buying a saddle, use our saddle size calculator to find quality horse saddles that make a real difference to your experience. If you would like to find out more about how to measure a saddle, get in touch with us.


What size saddle do I need?

Finding the saddle size is a tough question and requires consideration of several factors. You need to consider your height, build and weight to get the starting point. Apart from this, consider the riding style and the saddle design to ensure that you can find a comfortable saddle to elevate your riding experience.

Which is the best place to buy saddles online?

If you are planning to buy a saddle online, check out the extensive collection at Horse Lines. We are a leading store with saddle options for every riding discipline. Our team of experts will also be happy to help you find a saddle size that best works for you. We can custom assemble a saddle specifically to fit you and your horse at no extra cost and with no long wait time.