Saddle Buyers Guide

Saddle selection

I thought it may helpful in the selection process to give a little background on some of wide range of saddles we have and a brief explaination of fit for the rider and for the horse.

We do a range of saddle for women specifically.The video is worth watching - basically a narrow twist and flared seat with hand done knee pads will be more comfort. View Video

Changeable gullet saddles. The primary advantage of changeable gullet saddles is exactly as the name implies you can change the gullet so you can fit most horses.


Pirate and Saddle Fitters

What is the difference between a PIRATE a Spy and a SADDLE FITTER.

Nothing. They ALL ply their trade under a false flag.

In the Law of the Sea a ship is required to fly the flag of the country of origin. That gave every other ship knowledge of how to react with them. They could see if it was a friendly or hostile ship on the horizon and exactly what to expect. A fair trade agreement if you like. Rules of engagement even in theft.

Pirates flew a flag of convince, snuck up on the unwary and committed dastardly acts.


Western saddles and English saddles

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation around on line that makes it a little difficult for buyers of saddles to pick a new saddle for their horse. Most people love their horse and want to do the right time by it in terms of comfort and fit. The rider also needs to be secure, comfortable and safe.

I wrote this historical evolution as a guide to the saddles available today and the design concepts behind their development and to answer many questions I get asked almost daily.