Saddle Fitting

Stock Saddle Size Guide

The most asked question we get is what size do I need?

Why do some shops say I need 15 inches and some say 17 inches? Very confusing.

There are three different ways to measure saddles. Basically English (as used in a traditional jump or dressage saddles ), Australian or American.

Some shops talk about the English measurement irrespective of the context of a stock saddle or an English style saddle. This adds to the confusion.

The English have no knee pad and measure diagonally from a pin in the front of the saddle to the they have no knee pad in the middle of the saddle this makes some sense.

The Australian stock saddle is traditionally measured in the effective air space between the knee pad and the cantle. Measuring in front of the knee pad or behind the cantle, the rider cannot sit on so measuring this distorts the effective size available.

The confusion comes in because a 15-inch saddle measured the English way will fit a child whereas an Australia stock saddle 15 inches will fit a 100-kilo rider.

Please feel free to call to discuss the size you need. Like clothes there is a different feel between styles of saddles, so even two saddles of the same size do feel different.

As a rough guide to the Australia stock saddle size...

A person between 150 - 160 cm and under 55 kilos will take usually a 13 inch or what we call the small size.
The typical Australian rider is between 160 cm to 180 cm and under 85 kilos and will take a medium size.
A rider taller than 185cm or greater than 90 kilos will take the 15 inch or large size.

To Assist With The Fitting Of Your Horse

Please send me photos and call to discuss.

Photos Required:

  • One photo taken side on showing the shoulder and wither area.
  • One photo taken from the back of the horse but clearly showing shoulder and wither from the back view.