ENGLISH STYLE STOCK POLEY changeable gullet training ane trail riding

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This saddle was based on a traditional English poley design.

Deep 5   inch polypropylene tree .ideal for ladies looking for a secure and comfortable deep saddle with a changeable gullet.

Deeper and more secure than other" trail, endurance or trekking" saddles currently in Australia. Has dressage style girth points.

Both the front and rear poley pads are adjustable.

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Comfort and security.Super deep like a german dressage saddle, but more secure.


This has both front and rear pad with a flexible changeable position so you can adjust to exactly as you want the saddle to feel.

This is a  Polypropylene tree with hand-done "poley kneepads" in the thigh position that is adjustable so you can exactly tailor both the front and rear pad to your exact requirement, The tree allows for the usual "gullet bar change ".

Many middle-aged ladies have asked us to develop a saddle that is secure, comfortable and lighter than competition stock fender saddles. They want a changeable gullet. This is one of three models we released as a result of that request.

This design is built for ladies. There is a difference between a saddle built for a man and a saddle built for a woman. In summary, a women's saddle needs to be narrow in the twist, have a padded and seamed seat flared towards the back of the saddle, with a well-padded cantle protecting the coccyx

Call me and I am happy to provide more detail including videos and research done in Europe on designs for women's saddles.

This model has a very deep saddle with a 4 1/2 inch deep cantle providing great security but also good comfort. Great for trail riding and trekking long distances. The well-designed seat gives maximum support and comfort for the rider. It is designed to assist ensure the coccyx area is as comfortable as we can do in a saddle. The knee pads are 3 1/2 inch deep.

The saddle is lighter than a man's saddle.

This changeable gullet makes the saddle suitable for light to medium work.

The material covering the saddle is hard-wearing easy-care, weather-resistant "clarion ".

The fenders are hung off stirrup bars in the correct manner.

The girth rig is the traditional two buckle system more like an English saddle. This rig is AUSTRALIA compliant, NSW Pony club and Qld Pony club compliant

The saddle has a bar changeable gullet system. The tree has a 5-year guarantee. PROVIDED when the gullet system is changed it is done correctly. If you change a tyre on a car and do not do up the nuts the tyre will fall off. Changing the gullets is no difficult but does need to be done with common sense.  If the saddle breaks because it is incorrectly put back together it will invalidate the warranty.

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