Polocrosse DELUXE synthetic changeable gullet fender stock saddle brown cheyenne roll

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This women friendly fender saddle was based on our popular Polocrosse deluxe but then had a new polypropylene tree developed.

this version has a cheyenne roll on the cantle , and fur lined underside 

It is a saddle designed for a secure and comfortable deep saddle with a changeable gullet. A saddle specifically designed to be women-friendly from the design.

Fits wide and short backed horses

This model is brown suede and has the latigo girth system. A girth converter can be added to make this a two buckle English girth system.

Send your height and weight and I can custom assemble the saddle to your build. Just like a custom build. Call me 0409994409 to discuss.

Saddle comes with fenders and irons,

gullet set optional, girth optional.

13, 14,15 and x large 15 1/2  inch inside seat.

saddle colour stock saddle
saddle size stock saddle
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Call anytime I am happy to help size the saddle with you 0409994409.

This is a comfortable secure saddle. This version has the latigo American style or campdraft style girth system.

It has a "memory foam" comfortable underside.

For over a decade Horselines have been producing good design competition level saddles used by many top polocrosse and camp draft riders all over Australia.

You may not want a competition saddle, but you will appreciate the comfort and security that good design will bring to you and to your horse.

This model is built on a Polypropylene tree with hand-done "poley kneepads" in the thigh position. The tree allows for the usual "gullet bar change".They are flexible changeable gullet tree. Any changeable gullet will not as strong as a fixed tree.

Many middle-aged ladies have asked us to develop a saddle that is secure, comfortable and lighter than competition stock fender saddles. They want a changeable gullet.

A saddle specifically for women

This design was specifically built for ladies. There is a difference between a saddle built for a man and a saddle built for a woman. In summary, a women’s saddle needs to be narrow in the twist, have a padded and seamed seat flared towards the back of the saddle, with a well-padded cantle protecting the coccyx. Call me and I am happy to provide more detail including videos and research done in Europe on designs for women’s saddles.

This model has a very deep saddle with a 4 1/2 inch deep cantle providing great security but also good comfort. Great for trail riding and trekking long distances. The well-designed seat gives maximum support and comfort for the rider. It is designed to assist ensure the coccyx area is as comfortable as we can do in a saddle. The knee pads are 4 inches deep.

LIGHTER The saddle is lighter than a man’s saddle.

Easy to change gullet set. This changeable gullet makes the saddle suitable for light to medium work. It adjusts from very small to super-wide.

Easy-care synthetic material The material covering the saddle is hard-wearing easy-care, weather-resistant "clarion"

The fenders are hung off stirrup bars in the correct manner. The fenders themselves are reinforced web backed with strong buckles. Competition strength.

There is Dee ring fitting for fitting breastplates etc.

Proven design HORSELINES is a trusted competition level saddle that is used by many top polocrosse and camp draft riders

Gullet set AND GIRTH sold separately as optional ITEMS. The saddle is delivered with surcingle, stirrup irons and fender included.

5-year warranty on the tree

The saddle has a bar changeable gullet system. The tree has a 5-year guarantee. PROVIDED when the gullet system is changed correctly and not forced. If the saddle breaks because it is incorrectly put back together it will invalidate the warranty. It is not difficult to change a gullet but like changing a tyre on a car if you don’t do it up correctly the wheel will come off.

This is deeper than most stock fender saddle, it is secure and very comfortable. THE KING OF CHANGEABLE GULLET STOCK FENDER SADDLES. Try it and see.

I have done a short time special and reduced these from $1195 to $875, the postage $65 GULLET SET IS OPTIONAL $51, GIRTH converter IS OPTIONAL $50

These have a correctly measured inside seat of 13, 14 and 15 inch. There is a diagram on how to check inside seat in the pictures or please feel free to call me. We want to get this right for you.

They are brown in colour available now.

Call anytime I am happy to help size the saddle with you 0409994409.

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